Using Google Analytics for SEO

It is often said that ‘Knowledge is Power’, and information is the primary source of knowledge needed for success. Even so, the information has to be authoritative for it to be of any value to your prospects. Google Analytics stands out as a valuable source of information for people seeking to excel in SEO. Piecing together facts from the Google tool is an assured way of capitalizing on SEO opportunities though informed decision making and optimization. Using Google analytics for SEO is all about getting to know your clients by localization.

That being said and the fact that digital analytics is based on complex data; there are clear-cut ways of taking action at any level of understanding without necessarily getting confused.

Starting Out

Like everything digital nowadays, it all starts with opening an account. With Google analytics, the account is free for small businesses (sites with less than 10 million monthly hits). The technical stuff starts with specific codes pegged to various pages of your small business site. The codes are can easily be linked with the pages especially through dedicated plug-ins provided by most web companies. After the setup, everything boils down to interpretation of the generated data.

Metrics to Track

Sources of Traffic: Small and medium businesses have the task of figuring out their niche and mastering the customer perspective. For this reason, it is crucial that you know where your general audience is in the globe and where exactly you getting the most conversions. This is important because it factors in tailoring of the SEO campaign to the behavior of the customers. Even though the data collected on locations is generated from IP addresses instead of physical locality, it ideally serves the purpose.

Segmented Organic Traffic: From the Advanced Segments section, you can calibrate traffic report to generate details on the geographical sources of traffic, the average visit duration and bounce rate. This information is essential for the highlighting the areas that need to be worked on. In terms of regional site reach, you will figure out how well to bolster your SEO efforts in low-traffic regions as well as note the high-traffic places you lack presence and can expand to.

The Campaign: This is basically the main point of using Google analytics for SEO. It entails getting a view of the business’s transactional performance from the generated leads or sales made online. This information can be derived from tracking both online and offline traffic sources. Through the process, you can get a revelation of how your efforts are yielding fruit and determine whether changes are as expected.

Beyond these specific areas of concern, it is also essential for business owners to review their Google analytics dashboard to better understand their SEO strategy. It is recommended that subscribers to the report set the mailing interval to daily.

In essence, Google analytics is a fundamental tool for small and medium business owners as a platform for effectively executing their SEO strategies. More so, it is a feedback loop that provides data for better understanding of the sales and marketing for successful dealing.


4 Tips for Choosing High Quality Link Building Services Post Penguin

High quality link building is essential for any online marketing campaign that depends on SEO. In fact, appearing on Google’s 1st page for your targeted keywords can result in huge profits. This is particularly true for online retailing and e-commerce. But your website’s ranking depends greatly on the quality of backlinks you can build up for your site.

You can build up your site’s backlinks on your own if you have adequate knowledge as well as the time required for it. But if you have to focus on providing products and services for your clients, you will need to hire high quality link building service providers.

Hiring a competent and effective linking building service has become a little more difficult since the last Google penguin update. Several high ranking websites have been banned because Google penalized them for links that appeared to be artificial or to manipulate the site’s ranking. So to help you choose a reliable company for your online marketing campaign, here are a few valuable tips:

1. Consider their Reputation and Experience

Before choosing a link building service, do a little research to know their level of competence and background. Contact the company directly on the phone. Find out how long they have been in the business. You should request for examples of websites that they have helped to build backlinks. It will also be good to know if they have worked for other companies that are in the same industry as yours.

2. Can They Perform a Link Audit?

Next, you should find out if the SEO company can perform a link audit for you. This is very important. In particular, if you already have several backlinks, you should ensure that a link audit is carried out before you proceed with further link building. A good link audit will reveal links that require review or removal. Examples of such links include:

  • Links coming from ‘spammy’ link networks
  • Links that were bought from “link hawking firms”
  • Links from a site that has a virus or malware warning
  • Links from a site that is has not been indexed by Google

3. Automated or Manual Methods

The best quality links to your website will be naturally built contextual links. These are created by posting high quality content on high page rank sites and social media. Links built using automated methods can easily get your website penalized. So find out whether the company you want to hire uses natural, manual methods to build links for your site or if they take automated short-cuts. Avoid companies that rely heavily on automated link building.

4. Consider the Total Cost

It is very important to consider the total cost of each link building package you buy. You should set a reasonable budget for your link building campaign before you hire any service provider. When considering the financial aspect of your link building, don’t focus only on the size or brand name of the company. Bigger companies usually charge far more than smaller companies. And sometimes they simply contract the jobs out to the smaller ones. So you should take time to read several honest and independent user reviews about the company before hiring them. I use number of link building companies and services to build backlinks to my website, but if I had to choose one link building service provider to recommend to my readers then it would have to be the guys at Linkredible. They are a quality provider and use some powerful and safe link building techniques.

Those are some valuable tips and ideas to help you choose high quality link building service providers. Review them again and bear them in mind so you can get the best results from your online marketing campaigns.


5 Rank Tracking Tools to Consider for Your Website

Every online business puts a lot of effort to ensure that they get better rankings on search engines. However, it is also important for every business owner to monitor the performance of the online marketing strategies implemented in order to make the necessary changes. Monitoring can now be effectively done, thanks to rank tracking tools available. Some of the tools that every business owner should consider using are outlined below.

1. SEO Moz

This is one rank tracking tool that offers a very user-friendly SEO toolset to enable you access the weekly performance of your keywords. You can track your keywords across multiple search engines and are able to get a competitive analysis which can be quite helpful. You are also able to get On-Page analysis, discover any technical SEO issues through crawl testing, link analysis and a lot more. It is one of the most effective tools to use in rank tracking for every business.

2. White Spark

Having been recently introduced in the market, White Spark has generated a lot of interest among online businesses because of its effectiveness. Online business that have tried it, found it quite useful because they are able to monitor rankings in Google organic search, Google or Bing local pack and even in Google places. With the data gained from using White Spark rank tracking tool, the business will definitely implement more marketing efforts to generate more interest from the target audience, especially if the search engine rankings are not impressive.

3. Google Webmaster Tools

The Google Webmaster tools are the most popular among online businesses because they offer everything you need to know as you carry out your rank tracking activities. You are able to look at your website from a search engine’s point of view; specifically the Google search engine. You are also able to get a search queries report, which is very important when you want to know your ranking from your little number of keywords. Not to mention the ability to track your rankings on different geographical locations. This is one must-have rank tracking tool, thanks to its multiple features.

4. Rank Watch

It is not only very easy to use but it also offers some very valuable local rank tracking features. No need for special skills to use this and it gives you instant rank tracking results which you don’t need to wait for, for a while, a quality that is not common with many rank tracking tools. If you are in need of some quick rank tracking that will give you a rough idea on how your site is performing on search engines, this is the tool to use.

5. Authority Labs

This is one of the most uncomplicated and comprehensive rank tracking tools and ideal for online businesses. It enables easy importation of keywords and a daily update of your site’s rankings. It is possible to choose from any online group domains or Google search local when tracking your rankings. You can also easily sort the data and get a display of the type of search results that your keywords will generate.

Rank tracking tools are very important and there are many such tools out there to suit every business. However, the above ones can also be quite useful.


How to Remove Bad Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization can be difficult especially when it comes to older websites. As your website develops over time or even if you take over a website, you are at risk of having your Google ratings hurt by having bad backlinks. Backlinks can be a blessing in SEO, but bad backlinks could be a trick of black hat SEO and could not only hurt your rankings and search engine visibility, but could potentially get you penalized through Google as well. If you have fallen victim to bad backlinks, fear no more we are here to help by showing you how to remove bad backlinks.

Backlink Removal Programs

There are currently multiple tools that you can use on the Internet in order to get rid of backlinks. Google even has its own program that is rumored to get rid of backlinks. The problem with this program is there is no guarantee. If you even make a Google search of how to get rid of bad backlinks, you are going to find a dozen different programs that are said to get rid of bad backlinks from a website. If you are just taking on a website this could be the best option for you to make sure there are no backlinks that may have gone unseen.

Take On The Problem

If you can find out the source of the backlink, you could make an attempt to get in contact with the provider for the website and ask them t remove the link from your website. If you choose this method, you are going to want to make sure you document all means of contact. If this doesn’t get you anywhere, you could always take the evidence to Google and grovel for forgiveness. Though this isn’t the best attempt for getting rid of backlinks, it is a great last minute plan to help improve your ratings to increase your visibility.

Go Professional

If you are new to the Internet and doing business online, then the best way to handle SEO challenges is to get professional help. There are multiple SEO companies that can help you get rid of backlinks from your website. If you purchased the rights to a site, it is possible there are backlinks hurting you and you might not even know it. SEO professionals will know how to remove bad backlinks from your website and have access to other tools that can help increase your visibility through all the important search engines sites.

If you are operating business online, SEO is important and having bad backlinks could be bad for business. If you don’t get good visibility through search engines, then your not going to get much traffic to your website. If there is anything you need to know about SEO, it is how to remove bad backlinks from your website. Backlinks can be tricky and can be really helpful with SEO; however, if they are used in the wrong way, they could be twice the trouble and hurt your business in the long run.